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lena7623's Journal

14 December 1985
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This is going to be my fanfiction journal. If you want to add my regular journal, with all of its sordid details, go to angelique5666. For a quickie bio, I'm a senior in college working on my first degree in history, but I'm just turning around and going right back next year to get my second bachelor's degree in Russian. I'm getting married in June of '08, and I can't wait for it to happen.

I like writing fanfiction. I suggest you deal with it and enjoy it.

If I add you, that means that you've written something I like. You are by no means obligated to add me back, but I certainly wouldn't be bothered if you did.

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This lovely banner of Giles is done by lostgirlslair

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I unfortunately don't know who made this banner. If you know or made it yourself, let me know and I'll credit.